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USA v Ireland rugby tickets are for the summer tour 2017. Getting hold of any USA Eagles rugby ticket is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy USA v Ireland rugby tickets when not in the USA? Rugby Ticket Booth offers a safe & secure way to buy USA Eagles Ireland rugby tickets as it has been providing USA Eagles rugby tickets to countless happy Irish rugby and American fans and the travelling Ireland Rugby ticket punters! Historically the Ireland v USA Eagles rugby match is a foregone conclusion - but beware of how the mighty can fall -USA Eagles rugby corporate hospitality swallow up some of the USA Eagles rugby tickets on offer but Rugby Ticket Booth aims to get some of their USA Eagles rugby tickets into the USA Eagles and Ireland rugby fans hands (as well as providing quality USA Eagles Rugby Corporate hospitality for those who wish to watch the USA Eagles v Ireland rugby match with their clients).
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USA v Ireland rugby tickets
Summer Tour 2017
10th June 2017

USA v Ireland
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Summer Tour 2017
USA Eagles v Ireland  -
Summer International Test

10 June 2017

Ireland - USA rugby tickets
USA Eagles have played Ireland Rugby Union (IRFU) 5 times (Ireland winning all 5 matches) with 2000 seeing the highest number of points being scored by Ireland (with a 83-3 result).USA Rugby Union had their closest game with Ireland in 1996 losing 25-18.

Ireland vs USA rugby tickets
On the Munster pack: "Mothers keep their photo on the mantelpiece to stop the kids going too near the fire."
Jim Noilly (1995)

..... we were suprised this only mentioned the pack!

USA v Ireland rugby tickets

Ireland vs USA rugby tickets
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