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Wales v Scotland rugby tickets are never easy to buy. Getting any Welsh rugby tickets is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy Wales v Scotland rugby tickets 2020? TicketRugby Ticketbooth offers a safe & secure way to buy Wales v Scotland rugby tickets (match is in Cardiff on 14th March 2020 at the Principality Stadium) as it has been trading for many years providing Wales rugby tickets to countless happy Welsh rugby fans and the travelling Scottish Rugby ticket hunters! This year in Murrayfield Stadium we expect no less Scottish rugby passion and Welsh rugby tenacity (the Scotland Coach will be seeking a quick and continued improvement). Wales rugby (and consequently those wishing to buy Scotland v Wales rugby tickets) has flourished under Gatland and the Welsh Rugby public outnumber the available Wales v Scotland rugby tickets that Principality Stadium can offer... but Tickets Rugby aims to get some of their Wales v Scotland rugby tickets into the Wales rugby fans hands. Get your Scotland v Wales rugby tickets now! 14 Mar 2020 Cardff - in 2020 Six Nations Wales v Scotland rugby tickets will be for March 14th 2020
Scotland team 2020 v Wales
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Wales v Scotland rugby tickets 2020 
Wales v Scotland Rugby Tickets
Principality Stadium, Cardiff - 6 Nations
14 March 2020

Wales v Scotland
Rugby Tickets 2020


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Scotland v Wales Rugby Tickets
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Wales v Scotland Rugby Tickets

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Six Nations 2020
Wales v Scotland rugby tickets at Principality Stadium - Cardiff 14/03/2020

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Wales v Scotland rugby tickets
Wales Rugby Union (WRU) played Scotland Rugby Union (SRU) 118 times (Wales winning 67 matches to Scotland 48 - with 3 drawn). 2014 was Wales highest score in the 6 Nations Championship (with a 51-3 result). Scotland biggest win over Wales 85 years ago (35-10 winners in 1924).
Scotland v Wales rugby tickets
In the Championship Scotland rugby player George Lindsay scored five tries against Wales in one match (a feat that remains unbeaten) .... but that was in 1887 when a try was worth .... 1 point! The match (with 12 tries to Scotland) ended up just 20-0.
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Wales v Scotland rugby tickets

Murrayfield Stadium - home to SRU rugby in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities and a mecca for rugby on match days.

Wales - Scotland rugby tickets
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Next Scotland v Wales Game - 14/03/2020 - Cardiff
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