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Japan v Canada rugby tickets are difficult to secure even when you are in the country. Getting hold of any Japan rugby ticket is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy Japan v Canada rugby tickets? Rugby Ticket Booth offers a safe & secure way to buy Japanese and Canadian rugby tickets as it has been trading for many years providing 1000's of rugby tickets to almost every country around the globe. This series between Japan and Cananada is finely poised ... Canada need a win to tie the overal Canada v Japan series .... let's hope it's a great game! For thos who are travelling, Rugby Ticket Booth can courier their Japan v Canada Rugby Tickets to anywhere in the world by signed for secure delivery ... Japan v Canada Rugby Tickets - safe & secure!

Canada v Japan is a likely 2011 World Cup Rugby fixture ... standby for rugby tickets prices.
Japan Rugby 2011 team will appear here when announced
Canada v Japan Recent Rugby Matches:

21/11/2009    Japan 27-6 Canada
15/11/2009    Japan 46-8 Canada
25/09/2007    Canada 12-12 Japan
29/05/2005     Japan 10-15 Canada
30/05/2004     Japan 34-21 Canada
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World Cup Rugby 2011
Japan v Canada
is a WC 2011 fixture on 27/09/2011 in Napier.

With the all time series poised at 10-8 in Japan rugby's favour this will be one to watch!

Japan v Canada rugby tickets
Japan Rugby Union (JRFU) have played Canada Rugby Union (CRU) 20 times (Japan winning 11 matches with Canada 8 and 1 draw) with 2009 seeing the highest number of points being scored by Japan with a 46-8 result. Canada had their best result in 2000 drawing 62-18.

Japan v Canada rugby tickets
In 2007 Canada and Japan drew 12-12 in the World Cup Rugby in what was an amazing bone-crunching game!

Canada and Japan both realise this is a crucial game for IRB ranking points!

Canada v Japan Rugby Tickets
McLean Park, Napier
All public transport local bus services terminate in Napier's city centre at the central terminus near to the Napier Library on Dalton Street. It is a 10-minute walk south to the stadium... enjoy the stroll!

Canada v Japan rugby tickets
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