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France Rugby 2019 Squad

Italy France rugby tickets 2019
16 March 2019

Italy v France 
rugby tickets 2019

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Italy v France Rugby Tickets
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RBS Six Nations 2019
Italy v France 
rugby tickets will be on 13th February in Rome. (Italia-Francia biglietti di rugby).
What will the 2019 RBS Six Nations Italy vs France in Rome, Italy have for us this year?

Italy vs France rugby tickets
Italy Rugby Union (FIR) have play France Rugby Union (FFR) for the Garibaldi Trophy.

Italy Rugby Union (FIR) had only 2 wins over France the first a 40-32 in 1997.

Italia-Francia biglietti di rugby.
France & Italy compete for the The Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy (Italian: Trofeo Garibaldi; French: Trophée Garibaldi).
The Trophy (designed by Jean-Pierre Rives) was presented in 2007 - Garabaldi was born in Nice 1807 and help unify Italy.

Italy France rugby tickets
Paris - you MUST experience it ... the wine ... the women ... the city ... a blend which only with the spice of rugby can be improved upon.

France Italy rugby tickets.
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Next Italy v France Game - 09/02/2020 - Paris
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