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Wales v Ireand rugby tickets 2015 are always the rugby tickets that prove elusive. Getting hold of any 6 Nations Ireland rugby tickets nowadays is a nightmare - but how to buy Wales v Ireland rugby tickets ? Rugby Ticket Booth has been trading for many years providing

Wales v Ireand rugby tickets

! Last year the RBS six nations Wales v Ireland rugby match saw some cracking Irish and Welsh rugby and the game was not decided until the final second of the game. We also provide quality Ireland Rugby Corporate hospitality for those who wish to watch the Ireland Wales rugby match with their clients). So if you want a safe place to buy your Ireland v Wales rugby tickets then you are at the right place! 14/03/2015
First Ever Ireland Wales Rugby Test : 28th January 1882 at Lansdowne Road, Dublin

Ireland 0G-2G Wales (4 tries - 2 Goals)

Ireland Team: Robert McLean , Joseph Atkinson, Thomas McCarthy, William Fletcher, Ernest Greene, Gerrard Bent, Arthur Forrest (c), John Kennedy, Francis Kennedy, Jones Morell, Ted McCarthy, William Wallis, Arthur Downing, Frederick Heuston, Bob Thompson
Wales Team : Charles Lewis (c), Samuel Clark, William Norton, Bill Evans, George Harding, Charlie Newman, James Bridie, Hugh Vincent, Frank Purdon, Bob Gould, Thomas Baker-Jones, Tom Clapp, William Phillips, George Morris, Tom Williams
2015 Welsh Rugby squad:

Wales 2015 team here when announced
Wales v Ireland rugby tickets 2015
6 Nations 2015 - Millennium Stadium
14th March 2015

Wales v Ireland 
rugby tickets 2015

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rugby tickets will be at the home of the Welsh Rugby Union - Millennium Stadium in Cardiff 14/03/2015

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Wales Ireland rugby tickets
Ireland Rugby Union (IRFU) have played Wales Rugby Union (WRU) 118 times (Ireland 47 wins to Wales 65 with 6 drawn)- 2002 saw the highest number of Ireland points with a 54-10 result. Wales biggest win over Ireland during Welsh rugby glory days with a 34-9 victory in 1976.

Ireland Wales rugby tickets
The longest Irish place name is Muckanaghederdauhaulia (marsh of pigs by two seas), in Galway but Wales beat this with Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerych-wyrndrobwllll-antysiliogogogoch (The Church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave).

Millennium stadium opened with its first match in 1999 with a game against South Africa, it was built on the foundations of Cardiff Arms Park. The RBS 6 Nations 2011 game will be watched by 70,000+ live and millions across the globe.

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Next Ireland v Wales Game - 14/03/2015 - Cardiff
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