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Ireland v Fiji rugby tickets. Ah Fiji, tropical Islands, beautiful women, sandy beaches and rugby ..... why do we not all emigrate there? Getting hold of any Ireland rugby ticket is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy Autumn Tour Ireland v Fiji rugby tickets? Rugby Ticket Booth offers a safe & secure way to buy Ireland Fiji rugby tickets as it has been trading for many years providing Ireland rugby tickets to countless happy Irish rugby and Fijian fans and the travelling Fijian Rugby ticket hunters! Fiji v Ireland rugby matches see some cracking rugby and this year at the RDS Stadium we hope to see some great rugby. Ireland rugby (and consequently those wishing to buy Ireland rugby tickets) has exploded in recent years and the Ireland Rugby supporters by far outmatch the available Ireland rugby tickets that the Thomond Park can offer. Fiji and Ireland rugby corporate hospitality use up a lot of the Ireland rugby tickets on offer but Rugby Ticket Booth aims to get some of their Ireland rugby tickets into the Ireland and Fiji rugby fans hands (as well as providing quality Ireland Rugby Corporate hospitality for those who wish to watch the Ireland v Fiji rugby match with their clients). Ireland Fiji rugby tickets - not one to be missed!
Ireland v Fiji  21/11/2009 - Match Details

Ireland (13) 41 - 6 (3) Fiji
- Lansdwone Road, Dublin

Ireland Scorers: Tries: Earls (18, 62), O'Driscoll (45), Kearney (67), Horgan (76) Cons: Sexton (18, 45, 63, 68, 77) Pens: Sexton (9, 40)

Fiji Scorers: Pens: Little (27, 43)
Ireland v Fiji Rugby recent Matches

21/11/2009 Ireland 41-06 Fiji
17/11/2002 Ireland 64-17 Fiji
18/11/1995 Ireland 44-08 Fiji
19/10/1985 Ireland 16-15 Fiji
Ireland v Fiji rugby tickets
18th November 2017 - Aviva Stadium Dublin

Ireland v Fiji
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Ireland v Fiji Rugby Tickets
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Ireland v Fiji Rugby Tickets
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November International Match

Ireland v Fiji -  
Autumn rugby tickets for the Dublin clash on 18/11/2017.

Ireland have never lost to Fiji .

Ireland v Fiji Rugby Tickets
Ireland Rugby Fooball Union (IRFU) have played Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) 4 times (Ireland winning all 4 matches) with 2002 seeing the highest number of points being scored by Ireland with a 64-17 result. Fiji Rugby Union had their closest match against Ireland losing 16-15 in 1985 .

Ireland vs Fiji rugby tickets
If every single island in Fiji was to be counted, the isles of the Fiji archipelago would be in the thousands. However, only 322 are large enough for human habitation and of these only 106 are inhabited. This leaves a few left for any Irish souls who fancy an Island of Ireland of their very own ....

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Ireland v Fiji rugby tickets
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