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England v Ireland rugby tickets are always incredibly difficult to secure. Getting hold of any Six Nations England rugby ticket is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy Ireland v England rugby tickets? With the 2009 Grand Slam any Ireland rugby tickets will be almost impossible to get ... Ireland v England rugby tickets? Historically the Six Nations Ireland v England rugby match sees some competitive rugby and with 2022 Six Nations seeing England's Grand Slam still on track - this year will be another tight one! We expect Ireland rugby passion and strong England rugby tenacity for the 2022 6 nations Dublin match. So if you are on the look-out for Ireland v England rugby tickets then make sure the company you deal with is reliable and honest - Ireland rugby tickets for 2022 will not be easy to get!

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Last Ireland v England Encounter:
Six Nations 2016 - Twickenham Stadium

England (0) 0-0 (0) Ireland

England Scorers:
Ireland Scorers: Tries 
First England v Ireland Rugby International:
Ireland 1875 tour - The Oval, London 15 February 1875

England 2G - 0G Ireland

England Scorers: Tries Ernest Cheston, Arthur Michell, Cons Alexander Pearson, Drops Edward Nash
Ireland Scorers: None
England v Ireland Rugby Tickets
12/03/2023 - Twickenham Stadium London
Six Nations 2022

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Six Nations 2022
England v Ireland 
rugby tickets will be at Twickenham Stadium - the home for RFU games on 12/03/2022.

Ireland v England rugby tickets
Ireland Rugby Union (IRFU) played England Rugby Union (RFU) 124 times (Ireland winning 45 to England 71 with 8 drawn matches) with 2000 the highest  points being scored by England with a 50-18 result. Ireland biggest win over England 43-13 in 2007.
England vs Ireland rugby tickets
Ireland won 5 consecutive matches against England from 1972 - 1976 (including 3 at Twickenham).
The average score over the ages is 12-8 to England.
The RBS Six Nations 2017 Ireland v England winner is ..?
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Twickenham Stadium London

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