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France Italy rugby tickets are for the game in Paris in 2024. Getting hold of any France rugby tickets is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy France Italy rugby tickets when based outside Italy? TicketsRugby offers a safe & secure way to buy France Italy rugby tickets as it has been trading for many years providing Italy rugby tickets to countless happy Italian rugby and French fans and the travelling Azzurri Rugby ticket hunters! Last year the six nations Italy v France rugby match saw some stunning French rugby (and some poor Italian rugby!) . Francia - Italia biglietti rugby. France rugby corporate hospitality swallow up huge chunks of the France Italy rugby tickets on offer. So come sip a glass or red, stroll to the Arc and watch Italian Rugby take on French Rugby on the field in Paris! France v Italy rugby tickets 2024 - get yours early! France Italy rugby tickets 2024 ... buy soon and get the cheap flights! France Italy rugby tickets (Francia - Italia rugby biglietti) available NOW!) 2024

France Rugby 2024 Squad to face Italy
Italy v France First Ever International Details:
FIRA Trophy - Parc des Princes, Paris. 17 October 1937. Attendance 18000

France (17) 43 - 5 (5) Italy

France Scorers: Tries Fexix Bergese, Celhay 4, Antonin Delque 2, Andre Goyard, Pierre Milliand Cons Joseph Desclaux 3, Pierre Thiers 3 Drops Michel Bonnus
Italy Scorers: Tries Giuseppe Visentin Cons Sandro Vigliano
France v Italy rugby tickets 2024 
6 Nations 2024 - Lille- 2024 

France v Italy
rugby tickets 2024


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Six Nations 2024 
France v Italy 
rugby tickets will be 2024 in Decathlon Arena,Lille. (Francia-Italia biglietti di rugby).

What will the 2024 Six Nations France Italy in Parishave for us this year? Francia-Italia a Lyon - 2024

France Italy rugby tickets
Italy Rugby Union (FIR) have played France Rugby Union (FFR) 33 times (France winning 31 matches to Italy's 3 wins) with 1967 seeing the highest number of points being scored by France with a 60-13 result.
Italy Rugby Union (FIR) had their only 3rd win over France 22-15 in 2012.
Francia-Italia biglietti di rugby.
France & Italy compete for the The Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy (Italian: Trofeo Garibaldi; French: Trophée Garibaldi).

The Trophy (designed by Jean-Pierre Rives) was first presented in 2007 - Garabaldi was born in Nice 1807 and helped unify Italy.

France v Italy rugby tickets
Paris a truly amazing place to visit with place of interest and a passion probably second to none - a place to visit again and again.

2024 - Buy your tickets now!

Italy v France rugby tickets.
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Next France v Italy Game - 25/02/2024 - Lille
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