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Canada v Russia Rugby tickets - 2012 International Rugby Series tickets available here.These 2 countries have the size of population to match anyone ... but until rugby becomes a higher profile sport then not yet the pool of players the Russian and Canadian need to breach the top level is not available .... hopefully that wll change soon. Getting hold of any Russia rugby ticket is becoming increasingly difficult - but how to buy Russia v Canada rugby tickets when you're not in those contries? Rugby Ticket Booth offers a safe & secure way to buy Russia Canada rugby tickets as it has been established for many years providing Russia rugby tickets to countless happy Russian rugby and Cannuks fans and the travelling Canada Rugby ticket hunters - either for their own nations games (albeit in the autumn / fall tour) or for games around the world like the World Cup Rugby. Traditionally Canada v Russia rugby matches show some brutal rugby, this being their first time playing eachother we are expecting firewoeks! - and this year we expect Canada rugby passion and stronger Russia rugby brutality. Good Luck to both teams .... remember this is a sport not a war .... or maybe it is! so if you need Corporate rugby hospitality or simply Rugby match tickets send us an email ... Canada v Russia rugby tickets - Be there!
Canada Rugby 2012 Team to face Russia
Russia Rugby Tour 2012 Team to face Canada

Canada v Russia Rugby Tickets
International Rugby Series 2012 - 17/11/2012

Russia v Canada
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Canada v Russia Rugby Tickets
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Canada v Russia Rugby Tickets
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Rugby International 2012
Canada v Russia
Fall Tour 2009 rugby tickets saw Canada win 22-6.

Now they meet again in the International Series 2012 in the UK (at Colwyn Bay rugby tickets).

Canadav Russia rugby tickets
Russia Rugby Union (CCP) have played Canada Rugby Union (CRU) only once, Canada winning 22-6 in 2009 - The next game will be a game that neither team will want to lose!!

Canada vs Russia Rugby Tickets
In 2007 Canada and Japan drew 12-12 in the World Cup Rugby in what was an amazing bone-crunching game!

One suspects that this game will be even more physical ....

Canada - Russia rugby tickets

Canada v Russia rugby tickets
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