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Scotland v Barbarians rugby tickets are always incredibly difficult to secure.Scotland Rugby public outnumber the available Scotland rugby tickets that the Murrayfield Stadium can offer. Rugby Ticket Booth aims to get some of their Scotland rugby tickets into the Scotland and Barbarians rugby fans hands (as well as providing quality Scotland Rugby Corporate hospitality for those who wish to watch the Scotland v Barbarians rugby match with their clients).

All profits from this match will be donated to a registered charity.

First Scotland v Barbarians Rugby Match

09/05/1970 Scotland 17-33 Barbarians

Barbarians Team: P. Bennett (Wales), T. M. Davies (Wales), D. J. Duckham (England), A. T. A. Duggan (Ireland), G. O. Edwards (Wales), K. J. Fielding (England), I. S. Gallacher (Wales), Michael Hipwell (Ireland), D. B. Llewelyn (Wales), M. G. Molloy (Ireland), Philip O'Callaghan (Ireland), J. V. Pullin (England), J.F. Slattery (Ireland), J.S. Spencer (England), J. P. R. Williams (Wales)

Recent Scotland v Barbarians Match results:

11/10/2011 South of Scotland 22-15 Barbarians
31/05/2006 Scotland XV 66-19 Barbarians
24/05/2005 Scotland XV 38-7 Barbarians
22/05/2004 Barbarians 40-33 Scotland XV
28/05/2003 Barbarians 24-15 Scotland XV

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11th October 2011 at Mansfield Park

South of Scotland 22

Barbarians 15

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Scotland v Barbarians 11th October 2011.

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Scotland v Barbarians rugby tickets
Scotland Rugby Union (SRU) have played Barbarians Rugby Union 11 times - BaaBaas winning 8 matches to Scotland 2 (1 drawn game) - with 2006 seeing the highest Scotland points in a high scoring 66-19 win. Barbarians Rugby had their biggest win in 2001 running out 74-31 winners.

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The 11 match series has seen over 700 points scored with the average score being 34-31 to the Barbarians!

This is one high-scoring game NOT to be missed!

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